Northern  England Geology
(including references to the North Eastern Geological Society and Tees Valley GeoConservation UK (formerly known as RIGS))


Whitby Cliffs and Abbey, North Yorkshire, UK (photo taken from a fishing boat!)

Information about and activities of the Tees Valley Geoconservation Group can be found by clicking here.

N.E.G.S. March 2016 Newsletter
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Fossils of Cleveland Roadshow June-July 2016: Marske by the Sea, Cleveland

Two important documents regarding Geo Conservation UK (also known as RIGS)
1. A Press release regarding the Charter

2. The Charter itself

Earth Heritage Journal - available on line free of charge.

"Plates vs. Plumes". A Geological Controversy. Professor Gillian Foulger, N.E.G.S. University Liaison Officer and  winter Lecture Programme Organiser.

More thin sections from rocks donated by N.E.G.S. members.

Univ. of York: Postgrad. Diploma: Geology of Yorkshire and Northern England: started Sep. 2015, 2 years, part time, wholly online.

Tees Valley Geoconservation (RIGS) Group Newsletters

North West Highlands UNESCO Global Geopark: Two week long tours running in late Spring and early Autumn, 2016

Assistance requested for Newcastle University Field Courses.


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26th Feb 2016

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