Ludwigite-fluoborite skarn
Old Marble Quarry NG6190 1978, south of Kilchrist (Cill Chriosd), Strath Suardal, Skye

From the above section, highly magnified.

 Locality map showing locality S. of Kilchrist NG6190 1978. (The number 410 is from the thin section catalogue).

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"Fig. 5. Ludwigite-fluoborite skarn with magnetite. The clear areas are formed of fluoborite; dark, rich in acicular ludwigite; below some turbid areas of carbonate replacing chondrodite. Kilbride (loc. D a)."

The photo to the left and the above text describing it are taken from a paper entitled "Zoned contact-skarns of the Broadford area, Skye: a study of boron-fluorine metasomatism in dolomites." C.E. Tilley; Mineralogical Magazine, 1951, Vol. XXIX.

It appears that the acicular opaque mineral is ludwigite and magnetite, and most of the clear areas are fluoborite, both magnesium-iron borate minerals.


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